Washington Ave/Rice Military

This neighborhood may not be the center of the city, but it’s in the middle of the action! Having evolved from the “oonz-oonz” club scene of its origins, Washington Ave is still the social strip – from date night to Sunday Funday, it’s guaranteed to match your vibe. Like to balance going out with going outside? It’s just a stone’s throw from Memorial Park and the Buffalo Bayou.

PERFECT FOR: The out-and-abouter who is a combo of physically and socially active, and appreciates being just minutes from activity in any direction.

PERKS & QUIRKS: The Beer Can House, Memorial Park, Buffalo Bayou, Washington Avenue, easy access to I-10 and 610, and a quick route to Downtown without ever hitting a highway.

FUN FACT: In the 1920s, the entire neighborhood was purchased for $54,425 ($743,300 in today’s money).

Featured Properties

Bayou on the Bend

Bayou on the Bend