How it Works

1 Fill out a Custom Search form and we will contact you promptly.
2 Receive and review a list of properties that meet your criteria .
3 Visit the apartments you like. We’ll fill you in on the hours available for tours of the property.
4 Make sure to list “Tim Gill with Rebate Apartment Finder” as your locator during tours and for any lease applications. This is the most important step for us to receive a commission so that we are able to give you a rebate.
5 Receive your Rebate Check up to $500. Most rebates are paid out 60-90 days following move-in date.

Please note:
Minimum $1,200/month rent price to qualify for our rebate program.

how it works

Please note: Not all apartments qualify for rebates. A big reason why we’re able to offer rebates to our clients is because we do most of our work remotely. We can generate the best choices based on your preferences, but do not typically meet you on site for tours of the properties. Most of the apartment complexes we work with will have trained staff to show you around the properties. We will follow up after your visits and can help guide you to pick the best property for you. Rental rates and apartment availability are subject to change without notice.